Quality and Security



At Grafinova, we ensure that our process is of the highest quality without any exceptions. The Xerox iGen5 printer guarantees top quality prints, thereafter our quality print scanner checks all prints with any type of error and separates them from the approved prints. We can therefore be sure that all packages produced are 100% correct. With a high quality production, we also provide a smooth and fast delivery.

Before production starts, all orders are quality checked and verified by our graphics team. They do this to confirm that everything is in line to start producing. The team adjusts the order to make a suitable file ready for production and make any necessary changes.

Through our experience in both production and graphical work, we have the competencies to make any package of top quality.  


Our process at Grafinova is a lot more than just creating the right product for our customers. We also ensure secure production throughout the whole process to prevent any types of errors. For pharmaceutical products, the safety requirements of production increases and with more than 25 years of experience, we can successfully ensure this security by:

  • Producing our products with equipment of the highest quality
  • Preparing packages for GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) customers
  • All boxes are prepared for printing of 2D codes in accordance with FMD (Falsified Medicines Directive)
  • Frequently audited by GMP customers and national authorities to ensure quality of production
  • Perform regular self-inspection to make sure that our machines live up to the required qualifications
  • All machines are qualified and our process is validated by our quality manager
  • All pharmaceutical boxes go through our print checker to eliminate any potential errors on the product
  • Orders are checked by our Graphical team before production
Working against falsified medical products

As a producer of pharmaceutical packages, we are also very aware that there is a risk of theft for the use of falsified pharmaceutical products. All prints that fail our print checker could potentially be used for this illegal activity. We exclude this risk by securely and effectively recycling all prints that are not approved before finalizing the products.

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